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Revisions to our store and shipping policy

We’ve made a business decision to discontinue flat rate shipping for our kits. As we update the online store we will reflect the retail price of the kit and then the shipping cost will be billed as a separate cost. I think this is a more equitable way to charge our distant and international customers. Mitch.

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J&M Glasscraft Designs Going To Production

Absolutely thrilled to have acquired five different models from John Fotiu at J&M Glasscraft.  John is a long time friend and a true artisan and innovator.  His designs are smaller, 1/2a and 1/4a sized high performance models now converted to electric.  Several of the designs were developed in conjunction with Dr. Keith Shaw who is truly another modeling legend. 

  • Fun-x – 1/2 A sized version of the legendary phoenix pattern airplane
  • Cheap Thrills – a P51 like 1/2 A racer
  • Mirage – a true delta wing 1/2 A size speed demon
  • Caudron – 1/4 A sized vintage French raceplane – Thompson Trophy winner
  • Shoestring – 1/4 A sized formula one racer 
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Shop & Warehouse

We’re disappointed with the slow downs due to covid19 but thrilled with the progress we’re making in the meanwhile. 

We’ve taken the break to finish our “hot box” oven for curing some high end resins – while we wait for the resin distributors to start up again.

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Classic Pattern Molds


We are acquiring an amazing collection of classic pattern molds from Leo at Ballistic Aircraft Company. His collection includes many of the original molds from Aero Composites, Carolina Custom Aircraft, Aztec Aire, R/C City Florida, Henry Piorun, Geoff Combs, Dick Hanson, S&W Hobby Supply, Hobby Barn/Quality Line Kits, Phillips Aircraft Company and the Zigsaw plugs from Japan for the Atlanta.