Jekyll 60 convertible “pop top”


The classic Jekyll 60 with a molded removable canopy. Designed to simplify battery access for electric conversion. The Jekyll 60 was recently voted the most popular model of the turn-around pattern era on the Radio Control Pattern Planes Of All Eras Facebook group. The prime in mold fuselage is made from one of the original RC City molds with modifications for the canopy.

The pipe tunnel is still there, but the original bottom hatch is closed up in the mold to provide stiffness through the fuselage where the canopy is cut out. There is now substantial access to the fuselage interior from the top.
The wing sockets are bored to fit the Gator RC carbon wing tubes/sleeves and the long holes for the aileron servo leads are pre drilled.

Jeff Hughes wrote regarding his recently finished pop top “It’s a bit over powered with a badass 4520-470kv and 6S with a 15-10 apc prop, but a very smooth flier. I don’t have a good scale, but it’s around 8lbs with the battery.”

The short kit includes prime in mold fiberglass fuselage, canopy, and chin cowl, precision cnc cut foam cores for the wings, stab, and rudder. We’re also including a gator rc carbon wing tube with sleeve, and a set of laser cut 1/8 lite ply wing mounting rings cut to match. Because of the various electric motor installations, we are not including a precut firewall with the pop top.

We have the Gator RC plug-in/adjustable stab hardware set and the Gator RC adjustable wing hardware set as options in the store. They can be purchased and ship free with the kit.

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This kit intended for the experienced modeler only. Its construction and flight characteristics require advanced building and flying skills.

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