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J&M Glasscraft Designs Going To Production

Absolutely thrilled to have acquired five different models from John Fotiu at J&M Glasscraft.  John is a long time friend and a true artisan and innovator.  His designs are smaller, 1/2a and 1/4a sized high performance models now converted to electric.  Several of the designs were developed in conjunction with Dr. Keith Shaw who is truly another modeling legend. 

  • Fun-x – 1/2 A sized version of the legendary phoenix pattern airplane
  • Cheap Thrills – a P51 like 1/2 A racer
  • Mirage – a true delta wing 1/2 A size speed demon
  • Caudron – 1/4 A sized vintage French raceplane – Thompson Trophy winner
  • Shoestring – 1/4 A sized formula one racer