Classic vintage pattern plane, designed by Hanno Prettner.

The “Super Curare” is the same basic design as the Curare with a slight modification. The modification was made on the canopy area, making the canopy more defined. The Super Curare maintains the same characteristics of Hanno Prettner’s original Curare design. William Hempel Sr. contacted Hanno to discuss the possibility of modifying the fuselage to include a more defined canopy. Hanno suggested that the plans with the modificaitons be sent to him. Bill sent the plans and they were returned with his blessing.

WINGSPAN: 64.5 in
WING AREA: 671 sq. in.
LENGTH: 56 in
WEIGHT: 7.5-8 lb

Short kit includes composite fuselage, foam wing cores, foam stabilizer cores, and pre-cut firewall.


This kit intended for the experienced modeler only. Its construction and flight characteristics require advanced building and flying skills.

Price includes shipping to USA continental 48 states.

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