Hobby Barn’s entry into the nitro ducted fan market. Designed for a .40-.60 sized ducted fan. We acquired the mold with the Hobby Barn Quality Line classic pattern molds. The mold is in great condition and the quality of the pull is superb. We did an ultra light layup and are going to experiment with the model. Ultra light maybe a 80mm edf. Maybe a K45. We’re still working out the details but this looks like a perfect replacement for that foamy edf. Scott Anderson is working on the edf version but we’re offering it here for nitro ducted fan or for those interested in the challenge of installing their custom powerplant.

Short kit includes composite fuselage, canopy, and foam wing cores.

Plans: https://aerocompositesrc.com/category/free-document-repository/

This kit intended for the experienced modeler only. Its construction and flight characteristics require advanced building and flying skills.

Price includes shipping to USA continental 48 states.

WINGSPAN: 47 in.
LENGTH: 49.5 in.

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